Social Media in Teaching

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The participants who complete the activities in this module on Social Media in Teaching will know how to apply the features of four submodules for teaching different subjects that includes Teaching with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.  Thus, as educators, they will know how to use the four submodules to collaborate, communicate and build a network around areas of their teaching subjects among groups of all sizes. In addition, they will be able to extend the classroom at course level to build activities to augment face-to-face interaction and in helping manage students’ time. They will also know how to use social media tools in teaching to support induction, assessment, feedback, time management and research management of the students’ assignment by sharing references, links and resources and conduct class discussion via discussion fora.

Learning objectives

At the end of this section, participants will be able to:

  • identify a suitable social media tool to support their teaching;
  • use one of the following social media tools in teaching: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.


UiTM: Margaret Chan Kit Yok, Ling Siew Eng, Ling Siew Ching, Adeline Engkamat; IPGBL: Lai Kim Leong, Anis Abdullah, Yahya Sidek, Michelle Siaw Nguk Hiong

Module specifications

Learning mode
Online self-paced learning with short video lectures and examples, research and practical assignments
Approximately 5 hours with offline and 2.5 hours online hands-on practical work
Smart phone, computer, Internet connection
Preliminary knowledge
Basic ICT skills, basic media literacy
Quiz and Assignment to be submitted as part of the course
Certificate of successful completion provided by UiTM/IPGBL