Place-Based Learning (PBL)

Place-Based Learning PBL

This course aims at providing the basic understanding of place-based learning in general and its application in practice for teacher educators.  We will clarify various terms, figures, principles and practices widely used in the teaching and learning context. We will provide general concepts of resources and sources for PBL so teacher educators can link those in their own context or locality. The participants will analyze their own ‘place’ as a facilitating classroom for students. To conclude we will incorporate the teaching competencies required for teacher educators to make learning possible through PBL.

Learning objectives

After this short basic course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe Place-Based Learning.
  • Identify principles of Place Based Learning.
  • Compare Classroom Learning and Place-Based Learning.
  • Explain the importance of context in Place-Based Learning.
  • Discuss benefits and criticisms of Place-Based Learning.
  • Understand Community development through Place-Based Learning.
  • Use various principles for increasing the quality of Place-Based Learning.
  • Outline the resources necessary for Place-Based Learning.
  • Apply the Place-Based Learning in the teaching and learning process.


Dr. N.B.Jumani, Dr. Shamsa Aziz, Ms. Fouzia Ajmal

Module specifications

Learning mode
Online self paced learning with short video lectures and examples, practical assignments (text and video)
7.5 hours
Internet connection, computer
Preliminary knowledge
Basic IT skills, Sense of locality
Text to be submitted as a part of the course
Certificate of successful completion