Introduction to ICT and Learning Design

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During this course, we aim to demonstrate how technology and especially Information and Communication Technology can support learning and teaching.

We start with a brief introduction to the art of instructional design, which will help participants to scaffold learning and teaching activities and to identify opportunities for adopting technologies in the process.

We will analyse the whole learning context in order to identify elements such as design, content, cost and resources, stakeholders, affordances, technological opportunities, road blocks, requirements and strategic issues.

Based on some simple case studies we will demonstrate how technology can be adopted. The case studies will be discussed in order to draw transferable conclusions.

Participants will design their own case study in which they are required to apply what they have learned.

To conclude we will discuss the possibilities to evaluate the outcomes of technology supported learning and teaching activities with regard to the technological aspects.

Learning objectives

After this short basic course, participants will be able to

  • Understand the importance of instructional design or design of the teaching and learning activities
  • Distinguish the design elements that are related to teaching and learning within a given subject and learning context
  • Design technology supported learning activities and decide the media and technology mix that best supports the teaching and learning requirements
  • Deploy learning and teaching activities using appropriate technology support
  • Evaluate and adapt the chosen technologies and design


Mathy Vanbuel, Sally Reynolds (ATiT)

Module specifications

Learning mode
Online self paced learning with short video lectures and examples, practical assignments (text)
Approximately 4 hours (including self study, research and assignments)
Computer, Internet connection
Preliminary knowledge
Basic ICT skills (basic computer and ICT literacy)
Text to be submitted as part of the course
Certificate of successful completion provided by ATiT