Designing in Learning Management Systems

Educational Technology Learning Management Systems Learner Experience Design Interaction Design Blended Learning

This course will facilitate the teachers and teacher educators to learn the design factors involved while integrating learning management systems (LMS) in teaching-learning activities. Taking the point of departure from Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPCK, Kohler and Mishra, 2009) framework, the participants will be reflecting on the technological, pedagogical, and content aspects while designing activities in and resources for the courses supported by an LMS.

Learning objectives

The objectives are:

  • to identify which type of teacher are you?
  • to identify and specify if the subject matter brings along a signature pedagogy. Should the content be adapted to ICT-mediated signature pedagogy?
  • to identify and define the different types of activities the students can be engaged through LMSs' functionalities.
  • to identify and define different kinds of technical knowledge required for creating the digital contents and LMS-supported activities.
  • to reflect on the roles of the teacher and the learning management system in shaping the learning experience of students.


Md. Saifuddin Khalid, PhD (HCCI), MSc and BSc (Comp. Sci.) Associate Professor, University of Southern Denmark. External Lecturer, Aalborg University and Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.

Module specifications

Learning mode
Reading research articles, video tutorials, slides, responding to surveys and reading anonymous survey responses of all participants, attending quizzes, individual or group exercise, and discussion forum.
7.5 Hours
Internet browsable device. Ideally, teaching role in a course supported by a learning management system.
Preliminary knowledge
The participants must have knowledge and skills related to the use of Internet browsable device, and using a content management system or learning management system
The course participants will be assessed on the basis of reflection on their learning, participation in various group/ individual tasks, discussions, assignments, and quizzes
The course instructors of Aalborg University (AAU), Denmark will issue a certificate mentioning 0.5 ECTS course for the successful completion of the activities of two of the following six courses.
(1) Problem-Based Learning: Aalborg Model, (2) Open Educational Resources (OER), (3) Flipped Classroom, (4) Video Conferencing Systems. Teaching & Supervising, (5) Software Clickers, (6) Designing in Learning Management Systems
The certificate will include reference to the project “Blended Learning for Teacher Educators in Asia and Europe” and the grand agreement no. 574130-EPP-1-2016-1-FR-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP