Creating and Using (Online) Video for Teaching and Learning


During this course, we aim to demonstrate what video can do to support learning and teaching.

We will share different approaches to create video concepts and scenarios and explain the essence of good preparation.

During the production stage of this course we will demonstrate how participants can best use their own device (smart phone, photo or video camera…) to create good quality audio and video.

We will present several options regarding the editing of their recorded materials and explain the basic rules of editing.

We will provide participants with links to sources and resources where they can find more materials (music, videos, photos etc.) that they can use in the editing process.

We will show the advantages and disadvantages of different ways of publishing the final video and look at the way in which the learners can access them.

We will show some ways in which learner generated video can also be used to advance learning.

This module will conclude with a final summative assessment in which the learners are tasked to create and publish a short piece of learning or teaching video.

Learning objectives

After this short basic course, participants will be able to

  • Identify a subject that is suitable for teaching and learning with video
  • Create a suitable concept for a learning video
  • Make a work plan to prepare and produce such a video
  • Make recordings with quality audio and video with their own device or equipment
  • Use a simple video editor on their own computer
  • Choose the best way to publish and distribute their video with their learners
  • Engage learners in making their own videos


Mathy Vanbuel, Sally Reynolds (ATiT)

Module specifications

Learning mode
Online self paced learning with short video lectures and examples, practical assignments (text and video)
Approximately 8 hours (including self-study and hands on practical work)
Digital video camera or smart phone, computer, Internet connection
Preliminary knowledge
Basic ICT skills, basic media literacy
Practical work to be submitted as part of the course
Certificate of successful completion provided by ATiT