Common Gadgets for Teachers

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Now is the time to prepare our students, teachers and teacher educators for acquiring 21st century skills and knowledge. This module is about several common educational gadgets and their effective use in Blended Learning. Furthermore, the module discusses the purposes of the educational gadgets as well as how to use them in teacher training by teacher educators and also the constraints to effective use of these gadgets. At the end of this module, some essential skills that are required for the effective use of technology based gadgets will have been discussed.

Learning objectives

After going through this module teacher educators will be able to:

  • Identify and categorize a list of educational gadgets to be used by teacher educators.
  • Find out the utilization of educational gadgets among student teachers in various domains of usage.
  • Enhance the professional readiness of teacher educators for versatile use of ICT applications and gadgets in a Blended Learning Environment.
  • Usefully apply several gadgets according to their content, audience, time and other considerations.


Module specifications

Learning mode
Interactive learning, Online, video lecturing, reading material, group/individual assignments
7.5 Hours
Internet, computers/laptops, stationary etc.
Preliminary knowledge
Teacher educators must have knowledge and skills related to: effective use of computer, use of internet, searching relevant material, reflection on their learning, basic knowledge of technology and its effective use for learning
Teacher educators will be assessed on the basis of their: participation in various group/ individual tasks, discussions, assignments, quizzes, reflection on their learning
Certificate of successful completion