Assessment Practices

assessment practices assessment methods knowledge

The course includes an introductory questionnaire on teachers’ and teacher-trainers’ evaluation practices.  

It provides knowledge about the different functions of evaluation. In particular, it puts forward information on different knowledge typologies and  evaluation processes for evaluating each type of knowledge along with useful tools and examples. It will cover the overall design of a system of evaluation including how such a design can be delivered and synthesised.

The course is built around the overall concept of evaluation and how it can be regulated.

Learning objectives

After taking part in this course, participants will

  • Know the different functions of evaluation
  • Be able to adapt the evaluation methods to the typologies of knowledge
  • be able to design a knowledge assessment codebook


Patrice Laisney; Jean-Francois Herold; Victoria N. Prokofieva, School of Education ESPE of Aix-Marseille University, France

Module specifications

Learning mode
Online with a tutor support
12 months
Regular access to Internet
Preliminary knowledge
Skills to record a video, knowledge of teaching practices
Quiz, survey
Delivered by BLTeae European project (School of Education ESPE of Aix-Marseille University, France)