Active Learning

active learning strategies

When students learn actively, they retain more content for a longer time and are able to apply that material in a broader range of contexts. It is assumed that the teacher’s role is to teach. However, consider that research shows that faculty who are facilitators, collaborators, leaders, and organisers are having great success in helping students prepare for lifelong learning and making them more capable to work in fields where they must acquire new skills and knowledge regularly.

A student who has access to blended learning can get experiences that is “just right” for his/her needs at each moment. He/she no longer has to wait for the rest of the class to grasp a concept and conversely, he/she can review as much as necessary to gain understanding. Blended learning options provide personalised instruction that allows a student to pace her/himself comfortably and get what is needed, when he/she needs it.

Learning objectives

After this short basic course, participants will have:

  • Practiced important skills, such as collaboration, through online, pair and group work.
  • Considered what they can do outside of class to more effectively prepare for in-class activities including pre-class reading assignments; the use of videos for students to watch and answer questions and pre-class quizzes (to ensure that students have read the material).
  • Become familiar with several new active learning techniques., including for example, the "one minute paper," and "think-pair-share"
  • Chosen one or two techniques and modified them so that they address specific learning goals in their class.


Dr. Shazia Zamir Department of Education National University of Modern Languages (NUML) Pakistan

Module specifications

Learning mode
Reading literature, video tutorial
5 hrs for face-to-face teaching and 2.5 hrs for online learning
Access to internet, Multimedia, laptop
Preliminary knowledge
Basic knowledge as computer operator and as an online user
Short quizzes, online searching, presentation
Certificate of successful completion provided by National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad