Acquiring and processing media

audio-visual format factory

This module proposes the implementation of activities related to the acquisition of four concepts useful for simple media processing : acquisition; conversion ; cutting and fusion of audiovisual sequences, through 2 free tools.

The students will be assisted by tutorials which will help them to carry out these four activities.

Learning objectives

Mastering the notions of media acquisition and processing :

  • acquire an audiovisual document on the internet
  • change the format of a file
  • extract sequences from a video and a sound recording
  • assembling sequences

Mastering the use of 2 media acquisition and processing tools :

  • Video DownloadHelper
  • Format Factory


Martine Bigot; Chrystel Cazier

Module specifications

Learning mode
Learning by doing
About 4 hours
Internet (it will be possible to download MP4 videos)
Preliminary knowledge
Knowledge in the use of internet and office program (Word)
Deposit of 4 homework
Delivered by BLTeae European project (School of Education ESPE of Aix-Marseille University, France)