Workshop on Blended Learning in Bangladesh Open University using Flipped Classroom

On July 25, 2019, a workshop on Flipped Classroom was jointly run by Bangladesh Open University and Aalborg University, Denmark. This workshop was organised with the support of the EU project on Blended Learning for Teacher Educators (BLEeae) to share higher standard and quality education concepts and practices through innovation among teacher training institutions in Europe and Asia. Skype was used to connect participants and the resource person, Dr. Md. Saifuddin Khalid, Associate Professor, University of Southern Denmark and External Lecturer at Aalborg University, Denmark.  There were 14 participants who were students and teachers educator from the  Bachelor of Education (BEd) program, School of Education and staff from the eLearning Center,  Bangladesh Open University (BOU). Dr. Khalid led this two hour session and Mr. AKM Iftekhar Khalid supported him during a network disruption.

During the workshop, Dr. Khalid defined what is understood by Flipped Classroom and explained how  hands-on activities can be included. This workshop was a continuation of the one that took place on 28 May 2019. To demonstrate the advantages of Flipped Classroom, Dr. Khalid showed some examples and explained several articles. He guided the students as to how such a classroom works and how home assignments could be addressed outside the traditional classroom. The session was full of interaction. Mr. AKM  Iftekhar Khalid, BOU coordinated the workshop.   

participants during workshop