Training for online tutors in Malaysia

The BLTeae partner in Malaysia, IPGKBL conducted a one-day face -to-face training for online tutors on 28 March 2018. The participants were 42 teacher educators from the institute. The course was organised in 4 different sessions which we summarise here.

  • Session 1 focused on an overview of the BLTEAE project and its ongoing progress and was facilitated by Mdm Anis Alisya Abdullah. The session started off with a presentation on the findings of the survey conducted by Tallin University on IT competency needs of teacher educators. This led to a discussion on the IT competency needs of teacher educators in the IPGKBL context. In Part 2 of the session, participants explored the concept of blended learning and discussed the various models after viewing some relevant videos.  These include class rotation, lab rotation, flex and pod models. They reflected on their past experiences and the extent to which they have carried out lessons using Blended Learning approach.  Flipped Classroom was also discussed as an entry point to Blended Learning. Further discussions on the modus operandi to expand Blended learning practices in IPGKBL were also done.  Challenges and possible solutions were also highlighted.


  • Session 2 was facilitated by Mr. Lai Kim Leong on the implementation of blended learning at IPGKBL.  Participants took part in a hands-on session on registration pertaining to moodle learning management system (LMS).  The facilitator proceeded to discuss the 20 modules uploaded into LMS and the platform available for discussions via forum or course blog for participants to share ideas and experiences. For the successful implementation of the project, participants were briefed on the short and long term impact indicators of the project and how participants can contibute to the achievement of those indicators.  Various ICT tools that are useful for participants to implement teaching and learning were discussed.  These tools include CamScanner, screen capture software (video), OneNote software and the tools discussed in the modules.  The facilitator also shared experiences on how to create online learning resources and strategies to motivate students to participate in online learning platform such as Facebook.


  • Session 3 "Facebook in Teaching" was facilitated by Mr Yahya Bin Sedik. This slot focused on guidance in using facebook to teach. The guidance provided include video coaching and usage of features such as Group, Find Friend and Event. Participants have demonstrated the desire to implement them. Mr Yahya Sedik also shared his experience using Facebook for teaching Science and other subjects.  The shared experience has further enlightened the participants on the use of Facebook as a teaching-learning tool.


  • Session4  focussed on the features of Instagram which can be used for different pedagogical purposes. Two different ways to install Instagram were also shared. Some participants installed Instagram using the apps during the workshop. Examples on the use of Instagram in teaching the course EDUP3053 were shared with the participants. A sample lesson plan for the course was also shared to show how constructive and collaborative learning can be carried out for blended learning using Instagram. Participants were provided with a task to prepare a lesson incorporating Instagram at the end of the sharing session.
Training for online tutors in Malaysia