Staff faculty retreat ceremony on Samtse College of Education

Samtse College of education held the first staff faculty retreat program in the outset of Autumn Semester 2018. The program was coordinated by the Center of Contemplative Counseling Education and Research. It was on mindfulness practice and it aimed to give the lecturers some time and space away from their hectic life. The coordinator of the retreat program Mrs Dechen Wangmo said that such kind of practice will help us relax, enhance our concentration power and help us overcome any kind of stresses that we are going through.

The program took about an hour and introduced staff to the basic mindfulness setting. Since it was the first ever retreat program for the staff faculty, many discussions and suggestions was made by the participants. The main strategy of  mindfulness practice is focusing on our breathing because the primary objective of doing this type of practice is to bring our mind into the present moment. While our body is with us our mind is often somewhere else. So we try and bring our mind into the present moment.

In SCE the mindfulness practice is conducted among the PGDCCP (Post Graduate Diploma in Contemplative Counseling) students and the staff faculties. Mrs Dechen Wangmo said that this kind of mindfulness practice is not connected to any kind of religion or group.

Unlike the Buddhist masters who also practice this kind of mindfulness practice or meditation referring to their god, this program is based in nature. It is not attached to any religion or group.  Anyone can join and practice mindfulness where we just have to focus on our breathing.

Mrs Dechen Wangmo also recommended that it is open to all the family members of SCE and especially welcomed the trainees of the college.

mindfulness retreat