NUML Teachers’ Training on E-portfolio and Use of Animations in Learning

E-portfolio and animations in learning are two new popular trends in education and have replaced a portion of the traditional face-to-face instruction method with computer based learning. Through e-portfolio and animated learning, online activities are integrated in a planned and valuable manner to ensure maximum learning. Animation in learning helps to lessen student stress and enhances their engagement in the learning process.

By promoting current emerging trends like e-portfolio and animated learning in today’s class, we can resolve students’ adjustment problems in their academic career. For this purpose, Prof. Dr. Sufiana Khatoon, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences organised a training session in collaboration with the IT Dept. NUML, Islamabad on 11 December, 2017.  

The training provided insights to participants regarding creation and use of e-portfolios and animations in learning and the advantages of using e-portfolios and animations in learning.  The focus was put on types of portfolios, basic equipment for an e-portfolio, stages of building an e-portfolio and e-portfolio design by using power point and animations. Participants were trained in how e-portfolio can be helpful for them for record keeping, achievements and goals and how to approach information at any time and place.

Participants were also trained about principles for creating effective power point slides with visuals displaying data. Participants asked questions at the end of the training and the session was concluded after receiving feedback of the participants.

NUML Training on 11 December 2017