National Consultative Conference on HEC Vision 2025 in Pakistan

The Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan organised the National Consultative Conference on Monday, 29th May 2017. This conference themed on HEC’s Vision 2025 to deliberate future plans for higher education sector and discuss further improvement in the reform process and align them with the Government of Pakistan’s Vision 2025.  HEC Vision 2025 is a comprehensive document, which has been prepared after extensive deliberation and consultation with eminent academicians, policy makers, business and industry leaders, and aims to consolidate HEC’s achievements during the last 15 years and carry on the reform process in a more ambitious and strategic manner while focusing on intellectual capital which is the way forward to build a knowledge economy. This document has gone through a critical in-house evaluation of achievements and reform business for the last decade through analysis of available data and the draft of HEC Vision 2025 was also placed on HEC website for wider and critical feedback.   Outcome of various consultative sessions with the stakeholders assisted in identifying priorities and direction for the higher education sector. Response from a number of academicians, scholars, government functionaries, students and general public facilitated in improving the draft.

The conference participants were provided an opportunity to take part in special breakout sessions on Human Resources Development in Areas of National Importance, Quality of Education at Undergraduate Level, Universities as Hubs for Innovative Research in National Priority Areas, Role of Universities’ Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORICS) in Discovery and Dissemination of Useful Knowledge, Information and Communication Technologies, Access to Digital Information and Advanced Programmes, Standards Compliant Teacher Education Programmes, National Institutions of Applied Technologies with specific reference to CPEC, Embedding Social Values and Ethics in Higher Education System, Community Colleges for Skill Development, and Good Governance in Higher Education Institutions. The recommendations of these sessions will be considered for making any change in HEC Vision 2025 document.

National Consultative Conference Pakistan