Meeting with teachers in the Federal College of Education about BLTeae Moodle Registration

Prof. Dr. Sufiana Khatoon, the country focal person of BLTeae (Blended learning courses for teacher educators between Asia and Europe) project in Pakistan recently organised a face to face meeting with teachers and prospective teachers of the Federal College of Education (FCE) Islamabad, Pakistan in the conference hall of the college. A large number of teachers and prospective teachers attended the meeting.  Prof. Dr. Nabi Bakhsh Jumani along with his team from International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan, also attended the meeting.

The director of FCE Dr. Jamil Bajwa welcomed the teams and encouraged the audience to learn more about BLTeae and its modules. In her presentation, Prof. Khatoon said mixing technology in teaching is of vital importance given the fact that students are currently living and interacting in a multimedia world. BLteae professional learning modules are based on the integration of technology in teaching and provide innovative experiences for teachers. She demonstrated the registration procedure on the BLTeae Moodle platform and described how the BLTeae modules have the capacity to develop skills and competence of teachers to come up with advanced and innovative teaching styles in the classrooms. Whatever the discipline of the teacher is, these modules assist teachers in how to blend technology in teaching. Every module has its own specialty and brings innovative idea that would help in further research.  Participants showed a lot of interest in the modules.  They were shown how to post on the forums in the platform to provide feedback and reflections on their experiences of BLTeae modules. Participants were asked to share their comments about each module.  Participants were further informed that to get certification from Aix Marseille University France, it is prerequisite to complete at least three BLteae Modules. Prof. Dr. Jumani also addressed the audience and he discussed about the importance of learning about the use technology in teaching and the innovative characteristics of the BLTeae modules. 

At the end Dr. Jamil Bajwa thanked Prof. Dr. Sufiana Khatoon and Prof. Dr. Nabi Bakhsh Jumani for informing about innovative modules of BLTeae project. A refreshment was served to participants at the end.

Meeting with FCE Teachers on 18th January 2019about BLTeae Moodle Registration