Meeting with Teachers about BLTeae Moodle Registration

A face to face meeting was held with the faculty members of National University of Modern Languages (NUML) Islamabad on 16/01/2019 at Belarus center Nazir Library.  Prof. Dr. Sufiana Khatoon, the country focal person of BLTeae (Blended learning courses for teacher educators between Asia and Europe) project in Pakistan, was the organizer of this meeting.  She summarised and highlighted the aim and the key activities of the BLTeae project. Open Wifi facility was provided to faculty members to facilitate them regarding online registration.

The purpose of the meeting was to inform faculty members about the registration procedure on Moodle in BLTeae modules for professional learning. Talking about the quality of blended learning modules, Prof. Dr. Sufiana Khatoon said, in the era of technology explosion teachers needs to develop themselves professionally in blending technology in instruction and BLteae professional learning modules provide teachers an opportunity to develop their technology competence through registering and completing these modules. The faculty members were provided the information through demonstration regarding creating account for registration on BLTeae Moodle using participants’ iPhone, laptops and smart board. 

They were guided step by step about the procedure of registration on Moodle. Participants were keen to learn about modules in order to develop themselves professionally. They were guided how to post on forum of modules at Moodle platform to provide feedback and reflections on their experiences of BLTeae modules.  Participants were further informed that to get certification from Aix Marseille University France, it is prerequisite to compete at least any of three BLteae Modules.  At the end tea was served to participants.

Workshop on registering for BLTeae course in Pakistan