ITEBLC in Malaysia celebrates 21st Century Carnival 2017

The ITEBLC 21st Century Carnival 2017 held from 3-22 April this year is an annual event organised by the Institute of Teacher Education Batu Lintang Campus in collaboration with Sarawak State Education Department. The theme of the carnival is ‘ Teaching for Understanding’.  More than 1000 participants took part in the carnival which included lecturers, student teachers, headmasters, school teachers and pupils' parents from Kuching and some selected rural primary schools.

The main objectives of the carnival were to upgrade the profesionalism of teachers and enhance their pedagogical practices in teaching and learning; to encourage and showcase pedogogical innovations; and to reinforce working and professional networking between the Institute of Teacher Education Batu Lintang Campus and Sarawak State Education Department.

Lecturers and student teachers from all the departments in the institute took part in preparing hands-on activities which saw them applying 21st Century skills.    

The main events included:

(i)       3rd – 7th April : Action Research presentations

(ii)      12th-13th April : Track and Field Meet

(iii)      17th April : English Drama Presentation

(iv)     18th – 21st April : Scouts Camp

(v)      20th April: Teaching Games for Understanding (TGFU) Forum

(vi)     20th April: Launching of Teacher Educator Icon Gallery

(vii)     22nd April :

  • Pedagogy demonstrations and exhibition by student teachers
  • Science innovation competition for primary school pupils
  • Abacus and arithmetic competition for primary school pupils
  • Books exhibition



Mathematics event as part of the carnival