First day of my teaching journey’……..A reflective practice activity

Prof. Dr. Sufiana Khatoon Malik, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences from the National University of Modern Languages (NUML), BLTeae partner in Pakistan has been leading the organisation of Reflective Practice sessions with pre-service teachers. Here is her description of what is involved in these sessions.

Reflective Practice is a method of assessing our own thoughts and actions, for the purpose of personal learning and development. For many people this may be a natural and instinctive activity, but for pre-service teachers it has to be an integral part of their teaching practice as it leads towards developmental insight. Keeping these key factors in mind, the module instructor developed and carried out an activity in the classroom. All student teachers were asked to jot down and share their experiences about first day of the teaching journey. It is an admitted fact that an outer world harbours an inner world. Student teachers participated enthusiastically in this activity as everyone wanted to reflect upon the first day of their teaching journey. Some of the experiences shared by student teachers included…:

“My lesson plan didn’t go well, because I lacked in time management skills”, “I wanted to be a good teacher for Grade One students, but I felt incapable to handle 30 Grade-one students at the same time in the same class room without any help”,  “A shaky experience as I was given a rowdy class to handle….”“My first day at teaching was a total disaster. I felt lost and confused, until some of  the colleagues helped me overcome this feeling”

This reflective activity helped the student teachers to reflect upon the first teaching experience then make a comparison with their current teaching practice. The teaching instructor discussed the fact that reflective journey is a great way to track your own progress as a teacher. This activity helped the student teachers to build positive interactions with their peers also. The session ended up with watching and sharing a 5 minute video on the purpose of reflective practice.

Teachers taking part in a reflective practice activity in Pakistan