ESPE, Aix-Marseille University: Celebrating the Paraguayan National Teachers Day

Every year on April 30th, Paraguay honours teachers and cultural workers who prepare the next generation for the future. ESPE in Aix-Marseille University has been hosting a group of 20 Paraguayan trainees from February 27 to May 25 involved in a training course for teachers in primary and secondary schools as well as educators. This group of 20 Paraguayans studying at the ESPE of Aix-Marseille Universitywanted to celebrate this day at the ESPE in Aix-en-Provence.

The partnership agreement to organise this training  was signed on October 21st, 2016 between the Ministry of Education in Paraguay and SFERE, a French consulting firm specialised in the  development of education systems and human resources, which approached the ESPE of Aix-Marseille University to host and implement this training. This project, which integrates the ESPE of Lille, Montpellier and Toulouse as well, has an overall budget of 60,000 euros and is part of a vast programme for the renewal of education in Paraguay, which was launched by the Paraguayan government with financial support from the Inter-American Development Bank, so as to provide training courses and to finance teachers and staff mobility.

The Paraguayan National Teachers Day wprovided an opportunity for the Paraguayan trainees to prepare and share traditional food with the French ESPE team, in the same way as BLTeae project partners enjoyed international food together during the project’s kick-off meeting last January.

Paraguayan National Teachers Day