College in Bhutan moves towards promoting reading habits

A reading program was started on April 14 2018 by Miss Sonam Zangmo accompanied by fifteen PgDE students in Samtse Lower Secondary school to help students having poor reading habits from illiterate family background. 

This program aims to provide an opportunity to build reading habits of students lacking reading skills, offering platform to showcase their talents and meaningfully engage students for need of an academic excellence. 

The program is an initiative of Dr. Dorji Thinley aiming to  promote reading habits. This program is led by Miss Sonam Zangmo with voluntary teacher students from PgD (Post Graduate Diploma). It’s an ongoing program carried out every Saturday after college events in Samtse lower Secondary School. The beneficiaries of the program are fifty students from fifth to eighth graders. The program targets lower graders students so that their reading habit is ingrained from a young age. These students were selected by school teachers targeting those students from illiterate family background having minimum access to reading materials and elder’s guidance. 

The members of the program teach and guide students to read in smaller groups whereby each group is assigned to one teacher student. They are also engaged in discussion, book reviewing and maintaining journals to record books they have read. Beside teaching students to read, students are also provided with stationeries to enhance effective learning. 

Miss Sonam Zangmo, a bibliophile, says “Good reads an online app was an inspiration, a platform whereby many other bibliophiles’ reviews books and share interesting books”. She adds that organizing such a program makes her feel good since she is able to help students build reading culture. 

Despite the team’s effort to help the students, irregularities in the number of students and the co-curricular activities on other hand hindered the flow of students ‘practices.  “It’s easier said than done because the challenges were quite difficult and out of our control to take care of”, says Norbu Dema (volunteers).

This program is running successively despite the challenges they face. Dhendup Tshering, a class coordinator says “I feel alive when I am able to spread kindness as the time I sacrifice helping those students is something I should keep doing it to make difference in the society”. 

group of students taking part