BLTeae Information Events in Bhutan

Paro and Samtse Colleges of Education organised a total of three project information events for both pre-service and in-service teachers and school principals. The first half day information event was organised on 30th December, 2017 at Tashi Yoedling Hotel in Thimphu for 40 school teachers and principals who had come from schools across Bhutan to attend a week-long educational action research training course. The second information event which also lasted for about half a day was organised on 25th February 2018 at Taktse Middle Secondary School for 45 school teachers and principals of Trongsa district who had gathered to attend a four-day action research training course. The third event was organised for 250 students of Samtse College of Education on 5th March, 2018 which lasted for about two hours. The main goals of these information events were:

1.    to communicate about the BLteae project and inform about its possible benefits in education.
2.    to distribute project flyers as a part of the advocacy programme
3.    to share the initial achievements of the project and present future activities.
4.    to create awareness about the availability of 20 modules for technological and pedagogical online training including certification being made available in Moodle. 

In discussion, participants stated that they found the BLTeae project to be a good and timely initiative as teachers are often questioned by the media and public about their teaching and results. Innovation like this will definitely break the culture of teacher centric classes and pave way for the student directed classes.

They argued that teachers cannot continue to teach students in the same way as they were taught. To have quality students we need to have quality teachers and quality teaching. One of the ways of having quality teaching is to take a Blended approach. 

Most of the students wanted to know the significance of the BLTeae logo (i.e., ring and colour patterns).

Teachers in Bhutan finding out about BLTeae