BLTeae in Douala, Cameroun

BLTeae was recently presented and discussed during the 5th International Conference of RAIFFET 2017 which took place in Douala, Cameroon from October 24 to 27. The title  of the conference was "Technological education, professional training and innovation dynamics at the service of society". 

The purpose of RAIFFET is to promote and develop research in technological education and vocational training in Africa. This 5th conference aimed to focus on innovation in education and training to support the development of our societies and support their development. This conference also aimed to support the activities of RAIFFET in the constitution of a community of researchers, teacher-researchers, teachers, trainers, and institutional representatives. RAIFFET has helped to develop and structure inter-institutional university cooperation to consider innovative training practices and the professionalisation of actors involved in teacher education.

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RAIFFET conference in Cameroon