Blending face-to-face with online in Paro, Bhutan

One-day professional development training on ‘Blended Learning: Facilitating a Higher Learning Experience’ was provided on 23rd March 2019 for Wanakha Central School in Paro Bhutan. A total of 28 participants including the school Principal, Vice Principal, 22 teachers and 4 trainee teachers on practicum attended the training. The objective of the training was to create awareness and initiate a dialogue amongst participants as of how to blend face-to-face teaching with the use of online technology to make teaching-learning creative, interactive, and meaningful to their students. The training began with a discussion on the concept of blended learning, its opportunities and challenges, use of various social media platforms in teaching-learning, creating and producing video tutorials, and more importantly, the way forward for the school.

The highlight of the training was the production of some interesting video tutorials by the participants in various groups. For many participants, this was their first-time experience and all were motivated to further work on producing more such video tutorials. A lengthy discussion also took place in terms of the immediate use of popular social media such as the WeChat to involve parents in the teaching-learning process. Having seen the benefits of technology-based practices in the curriculum, the training concluded with a resolution that all the participants will commit to working in their subject groups to implement blended learning as a school-wide approach to enrich the teaching-learning process.  Finally, the participants were taken through the steps to creating and enrolling for courses on the BLteae platform.

The training was facilitated by the BLteae project members Ugyen Choden and Kezang Sherab from Paro College of Education.

training group for March event in Paro