Animation of the Blended Learning Platform through a workshop on ”Software Clickers” at Institute of Education and Research, University of Dhaka

On Thursday, 14 March 2019, 23 faculty members attended a four-hour workshop at the Institute of Education and Research (IER), University of Dhaka. Almost all the participants are affiliated with the teacher education program. The academics completed the course on “Software Clickers”, which is one of the 20 courses offered by the BTeae project on their moodle platform.  Md. Saifuddin Khalid (PhD, Associate Professor), University of Southern Denmark facilitated the workshop through Skype from Denmark and Professor Sikder Monoare Murshed (PhD, Scandinavian Study Center, University of Dhaka) facilitated the activities at IER. One of participants affiliated with the Scandinavian Study Center of the University of Dhaka attended the workshop from Monash University, Australia. 

The participants became acquainted with various software clickers, practiced the different functionalities of the Socrative application, discussed two scientific articles on the implementation process and the perceptions of teachers and students, and reflected on the barriers and strategies to adopt software clickers in their teaching. Professor Mrs. Husne Ara Begum, Director of IER actively participated in the workshop. In the workshop’s closing speech, Prof. Husne Ara expressed the importance of the technological-pedagogical knowledge and skills and expressed the institute’s interest for future collaboration with the BLTeae project partners.

Course on clickers