5th international symposium of RAIFFET Symposium

The School of Teaching and Education (ESPE) of Aix-Marseille University, Director of the RAIFFET association, is organising from October 24th to October 27th, 2017 the fifth international symposium of RAIFFET in Douala, Cameroon. RAIFFET is the African network of TVET teacher training institutions.

This symposium will be attended by an international community of researchers, researchers/teachers, teachers, trainers and institutional players, and will raise the issue of innovation in the field of teaching, education and training. It will be the opportunity to confront points of view with regard to teacher training and professionalisation in scientific, technological and professional fields, whether at elementary school level in the framework of Education For All, or in terms of technological and professional education and training or university pedagogy.

Three major themes will be covered:

Pedagogical methods, didactic situations and organisation of innovative training and their effectiveness to learning and developing teachers’ professional competencies

New tools and practices, the role of digital technologies in education and technological and professional training

Innovative practices in the fields of training and professionalisation: university pedagogy

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